Corner Store – Kitchen and Market

always fresh,
always home made

At the Corner Store we never skip a step. Every item on our menu is made with care, by hand and with love … we want it to taste like home.

We proudly offer weekly delivery to our local schools in Caroline County! On Tuesdays we deliver to CCPS Central Office & Bowling Green Elementary, on Wednesdays we deliver to Caroline Middle School & Caroline High School, and on Thursdays we deliver to Madison Elementary & Lewis & Clark Elementary!

Orders must be submitted between 6 am to 10 am on your school’s delivery morning and your lunch will be delivered at 11. Click the “order online” button above and enter your school address, add items to cart and pay online. Please note our online ordering selection is more limited than what is available in store. All orders will be delivered, in bulk, with names and receipts attached to each bag.

This program is only available to CCPS employees on site.

The Corner Store is expanding our catering business! We offer a box lunch option for businesses of any size, Tuesday – Saturday. We would love to provide your staff and co-workers with a classic sandwich and bag of our popular Rt 11 potato chips – a great treat for meetings, morale and celebrations. Our classic Chocolate Chip Cookies can be added as well, they make a great sweet treat after lunch! Following the link above will provide details of our offerings and a form for ordering. Please contact us for any special requests and we look forward to serving you!